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mv_ava_small This is the personal portfolio site of Christoph Bülter. My studies of media production and technology gave me a good grasp of media in general, while I found software automation and computer graphics to be the most interesting fields, especially when combined. This lead to my current position as a developer for 3D content production pipelines.

I use this website to show some of my 3D animation work as well as custom tools and automations. They are free for non-commercial and commercial usage, as long as you do not redistribute or resell them in any form. If you use them, shoot me a mail, I’d love to hear about it! Use at your own risk.

If you like anything, be awesome and donate a few bucks! Feel free to contact me for any queries or comments by Email or use the contact form below. For my open source development projects aside from work, as well as some screencasts check out the following links:

OctocatChristoph @ BitbucketChristoph @ ScriptspotChristoph @ Vimeo