I don’t always use my Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback, but when I do, I build silly things. maxstick is script … More

Interactive Medical Bench

Interactive 3d product presentation in Unity, showing the color variation and adjustment options of a medical bench. Created for and … More


Sublime Text ist a beautiful, lightweight and very customizable editor for all kinds of programming and markup languages. It has … More

MXS Dictionary

The implementation below is outdated, if you need a pure-maxscript dictionary I would like to redirect you to my newer … More

Cut the Puppet

Animating a highpoly character can be very slow in the viewport, as the skinning needs to be calculated. In that … More

MAXScript Resources

This is just a a general collection of MAXScript related resources, tips and tricks that I have found useful:   … More

Mephisto Rigs

Some videos of the “Mephistos Game” project showing custom body, hand and face rigs for the characters “Ali” and “Bendi”. … More

Ahab Rig

Demonstration of the main character rig of my “Death to Moby Dick” video. The body rig is based on a … More

Moby Dick Rig

A video showing some of the features of the whale rig used in “Death to Moby Dick”. Moby’s spine and … More