Interactive Medical Bench

Interactive 3d product presentation in Unity, showing the color variation and adjustment options of a medical bench. Created for and … More

The Thief

A short film produced for a course on character animation during my bachelor studies. I used the “MAX”-Rig for 3ds … More

The Arrival

I was part of a team that created a fictional realtime trailer using the Unreal Engine. I modelled and baked … More

Mephisto Rigs

Some videos of the “Mephistos Game” project showing custom body, hand and face rigs for the characters “Ali” and “Bendi”. … More

Ahab Rig

Demonstration of the main character rig of my “Death to Moby Dick” video. The body rig is based on a … More

Moby Dick Rig

A video showing some of the features of the whale rig used in “Death to Moby Dick”. Moby’s spine and … More

Show Reel 2011

This is a short summary of the 3d projects I have worked on over the last years. Please see this … More