Poor man’s git changelog

Are you working with git and SCRUM? Need to maintain a changelog and keep asking yourself “what the heck did we finish during this sprint”? There is an easy way to get a rough idea of what features and bugfixes have been integrated into the main (aka develop) branch:

git log --merges --first-parent develop --since="2 weeks ago" --oneline

Output may look like this:

6d2e619 Merge branch 'bug/submit-settings-blocked-is-not-remembered' into 'develop'
6af5cdb Merge branch 'chore/increase-test-coverage' into 'develop'
b0bf37c Merge branch 'bug/batch-select-cannot-be-scrolled' into 'develop'
24ac38e Merge branch 'bug/filtering-by-tags-on-shots-page-hides-generators' into 'develop'
79d47ee Merge branch 'bug/pressing-cancel-leaves-submit-button-as-busy' into 'develop'
d445855 Merge branch 'chore/hibernate-christmas-stuff' into 'develop'
a41443f Merge branch 'feat/remove-job-estimation' into 'develop'
9d440f6 Merge branch 'chore/update-documentation-automate-uml-to-image-conversion' into 'develop'
254caf0 Merge branch 'feat/move-job-generation-to-celery-queue' into 'develop'
642a44a Merge branch 'feat/enable-versioning-of-shadowsets' into 'develop'
1d870e2 Merge branch 'feat/644-batch-select-for-submit' into 'develop'
36f0592 Merge branch 'bug/fix-flakey-reorder-groups-test' into 'develop'

This can be a good start for creating a changelog/review plan for the next release.

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