Cut the Puppet

Animating a highpoly character can be very slow in the viewport, as the skinning needs to be calculated. In that case, a lowpoly version of the character can be cut into pieces which are then linked to the bones, so the animator has a good visual reference without any skinning happening. Cutting the pieces manually is quite time-consuming, so I wrote this script to automate it.

How to use: Make sure you are on the skinning pose frame on the timeline. Select your skinned mesh and execute the script. Puppet pieces are added to the currently active layer.

Cut the Puppet MAXScript from Christoph Bülter on Vimeo.

23/01/13:    Now supports CAT and Biped bones, also does a name check to see if all bones are named uniquely in the Skin modifier
Should now also work with meshes that have a distorted TM, should not freeze anymore thanks to DisableProcessWindowsGhosting

20/01/13:    Automated mesh copy and modifier removal

[download id=673]

If you use this script, be awesome and donate a few bucks!


  1. Nice to meet you

    Please let me questions in English but can not be used properly because the Japanese.

    I want to use the Cut the Puppet, I did not move up.
    I’m using max2012, What’s wrong?

    1. Hi, I have no problems in Max 2012. You need to provide more information for me to help you, what kind of error do you get? What does the maxscript listener (F11) output?

  2. Good day!

    First off, great script idea. Make thing way faster for animators, specially if you<re not that good with modeling. Anyway, I'm trying to run it on MAX 2012 on a biped rig and i get this message from the listener "DisableProcessWindowsGhosting failed".

    I thank you in advance for your answer.


    1. Ok so The script work when there’s animation on the biped, but in skin pose it does not. A little loop hope that i can live with. Once again, great script. Keep up the good work!!

      1. Glad you made it work 😉 The “DisableProcessWindowsGhosting failed” I should probably have taken out, it is not a problem. It just tries to disable it, so that the progressbar wont freeze and you can see the progress all the time, and if it is already disabled, that message is printed to the listener.

  3. Hy tnx for this awesome script
    Is it work for 3dsmax 2014 ?
    I try to use is but it doesn’t is there any idea tnx

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