MAXScript Resources

This is just a a general collection of MAXScript related resources, tips and tricks that I have found useful:


MAXScript 101

This is an excellent, formerly commercial and now completely free introduction to the world of MAXScripting, taught by the original creator of the language, John Wainwright. Cut into small videos by user Garp, it is the first place to go if you plan to learn this stuff.


MAXScript Cheat Sheet

If you are starting out with MXS or just want to have some good examples on how to use it, this two-paged sheet by Markus Boos proves to be a nice little reminder.


MAXScript Coding Standards

Although I do not agree with all of the points mentioned in this article by Jeff Hanna, most make sense to me and it is generally a good read.


MAXScript Editor DarkScintilla Scheme

The standard color scheme of the editor will make you go blind after short time, this custom color scheme by Josef Wienerroither is a lot more enjoyable to work with.


MAXScript Editor Autocompletion

A somewhat hidden feature, when enabled, this makes the Editor almost look like a programming tool and not just a colored text thing, kudos to James Haywood.


MAXScript Editor Abbreviations

Johan Boekhoven explains how to use custom abbreviatons to save lots of time for typing repetitive code structures.


Blur Studios Py3dsMax on GitHub

The recent native Python integration added in Max 2014 still lacks in many areas. Blur Studios created their own 3ds Max Python integration some years ago and are generous enough to share it with everyone. The installation used to be a painful process, however they have now created a doubleclick-and-smile-easy-as-pie installer, that does everything for you, making Python work in Max and adding tons of pipeline tools from Blur. The original package is not available anymore for recent Max versions, but Blur has open sourced the core of their Python integration to GitHub. This is actually a huge thing for the Max community, because it allows people to compile it themselves to whatever Max version they are using. Instructions are part of the GitHub project and some precombiled binaries are available. Thanks Blur Studios!



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