VRay Render Dynamic Animations

A script to ease the process of rendering animations in VRay.

For dynamic animations (moving camera + moving objects) people often use an animation prepass (Irradiance Map + Lightcache) to compute the illumination, and then interpolate these irradiance maps to render the final image in a second pass. This is not easy to set up to render in one go (only with a little file rename cheating and Backburner), so you would normally have to wait for the prepass to finish and then start the final rendering manually. With this script, you don’t have to. You can just start the rendering when leaving the office and it will do all steps automatically.

vrayRenderDynAnim MAXScript from Christoph Bülter on Vimeo.

[download id=684]

If you use this script, be awesome and donate a few bucks!



    1. Hi David. It does, but for some reason that currently only works when NOT using the VRay frame buffer. I’ll update the script soon and see if I can fix that, thanks for the suggestion.

  1. Hello,
    thanks really for this idea it’s marvellous.
    But I have some problems with 3dsmax 2012 and the script. Sometimes, after using this script, my scene is completely dark, and I have to load parameters from a old file. Can you explain to me how to solve this problem .
    Thanks a lot.

  2. Hi,
    This is awesome script.done two sequences with the help of it.
    need help i have saved vrmaps as i had computer crashed twice.
    now i don’t know where to give the vrmap to get the final output

    your guidance will save my life.


  3. I have not tried this script.. but for saving render elements in vray you will have to render with the vray frame buffer.. and render to raw image file and change the extension to exr…in common parameters of the render dialog do not check the save file option you can keep the net render option ticked and select the render elements you want to render out…

    When you click render it just says that you have not chosen to save your file but it will save the full sequence of files

    make sure you use UNC paths for rendering on the backburner

  4. Hi, i got your script today
    On my local machine it works well
    But when i try to send to backburner it does not find the manager.
    My manager is at on port 5000
    Is there a way to indicate this port ?

    Thanks a lot!

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