Timeline Toolbar

I never liked the way 3ds Max has to change the start and end point of the timeline. I created this small toolbar to be integrated into the existing 3ds Max UI, so it is very lightweight. It simply provides spinners to change start, end  of the timeline and the current playhead position. It will remember its last position, so you can put this into your startup scripts folder and it will always be where you left it. The dialog can be moved using the little square button (Click, click & drag). Rightclick on the “x” will reset the
spinners to 0 and 100, like in the default settings.

Explanatory video:

timelineToolbar MAXScript from Christoph Bülter on Vimeo.

[download id=711]

If you use this script, be awesome and donate a few bucks!

1 Comment

  1. Cool tool. Another fast way is to adjust is the timeline is Ctrl+Alt+Left mouse button to drag the left side of the timeline and Ctrl+Alt+Right mouse button to drag the right side of the timeline. By using the middle mouse you move the whole selected region of frames left or right.

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