3D Node Network

This script randomly creates a number of spheres within a defined square volume  and connects them with splines, if they are within the defined intersection radius. Cool for neural networks, galaxy star maps and so on. Some experimentation is needed to get the desired result. Hit ESC on the keyboard during the build process to cancel it.

[download id=687]

If you use this script, be awesome and donate a few bucks!


  1. It’s really great! Would be cool to have an option to turn the splines renderable.
    Other ideas could be define a custom volume and have settings to animate the growing of the splines.
    Thanks for this useful script!

    1. Glad you like it 🙂 I do have plans to develop this further, as it seems to be a popular idea. I will add the render option then, for now you can select your scene and evaluate this is in the listener:

      for s in selection where superclassof s == Shape do (s.render_renderable = true; s.render_displayRenderMesh = true)

      It will set all splines within your selection to be renderable in the viewport and when rendering the image. Cheers

  2. Nice Script. One option that would be really great if the script linked each side of its spline to the Sphere. So you could move the sphere and the the end of the spline is moving with it.

    At the end you could have some kind of animatable nodenetwork like in the Gametrailer of “Dust”.

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