Image Composition Helper

I wanted to create a script to visualize the `Rule of Thirds` inside the 3ds Max Viewport, to aid in the composition of my camera shots. Inspired by this script I also added some other overlay options. The lines inside the viewport are drawn as a kind of render effect, so no geometry is created and no camera is needed. They will interactively adjust to any image aspect and are visible in the active viewport, so switching the viewport will also move the lines there. Use the checkboxes to toggle each ones visibility.


Different modes:


imageCompHelper @ Scriptspot

Download from github:

If you use this script, be awesome and donate a few bucks!


  1. Hello
    Thanks for sharing your scripts. πŸ™‚
    I use 3dsmaxdesign2013, and all the grid are blue regardless of choosen colors.

    1. Hey, you’re welcome. EDIT: This seems to be an issue with the Nitrous driver on 3ds Max 2012+ which does not accept the method for drawing colors anymore, that I used. Luckily, there exists another command, so I could fix it πŸ˜‰

  2. Thanks for this nice scipt. IΒ΄m checking my compositions quite often with it. Very handy.

    A small feature request would be harmonic/golden triangles and a possibility to override the fixed aspect ratio of the golden spiral to create “distorted” spirals.

    Thanks again and greetings from Berlin!

    1. Hey raffo, thanks! I just added the golden triangle, nice suggestion, I did not know about it yet. A distorted spiral is a bit more complicated, maybe when I find the time, enough for today πŸ˜‰

  3. Nice script thanks for sharing )
    if you ever get to it – do you think its possible to make golden spiral switch between landscape/portrate CW/CCW?

  4. can you pls tell me how i create a button and add this script on it pls !! i am not able to find script in user interface so pls help me thanks !!

    1. It is not set up to be a macroscript, but you can turn it on by removing the “–” from these two lines in the script:

      –macroscript imageCompHelper

      Then after executing it again you will find it under:

      Customize User Interface > Toolbars > Category:Buelter > imageCompHelper

      1. Please show some print screen or step by step which line or code need to change or erase in order for to use as macroscript. Thanks a lot.

  5. Very usefull script ! thank you very much. But I have a question: how can i switch golden spirale between landscape and portrate ?
    Thanks in advance (:

      1. Nice useful script! Thanks for providing it.
        One little problem, the lines appear all blue in 3dsMax2013 and all white in 3dsMax2015.. Is there a way to make it show the original colors in the viewport?

        All the best, from Hamburg,

      2. Hm I havent checked for a while, but if it is broken again in more modern 3ds Max versions then there is most probably not much I can do. I will look into it, but no promises.

  6. Hi very nice script and very useful. Can i use this inside RHINO and not 3dsmax?
    Is it something that it can be done?
    I mostly use RHINO in my workflow for 3D and renderings.

    Thank you in advance.

  7. Hi!

    Cool script. It would be very useful if the custom grids would stick to only camera views(or a defined viewport), even if I change the active viewport. Do you think it’s possible(easy-hard) to implement?

    Thanks for your scripts, efforts, really appreciated!

  8. This script is just AWESOME!!!
    I’m using Max 2016 and tried to create a button. But, unfortunately, every time that I restart my 3Ds Max and tried to click in my “ICH Button”, it shows me this message:
    –Runtime error: Struct member access requires instance: this
    it also points me to the line 524 of the script.
    Do you know what is happenig?
    Thanks a lot!

  9. Hello im using max2020 seems like the menu doesnt popup but i get my view port with rule of thirds, i cant change anything just the default rule of thirds, how do i reset the pop up menu?

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